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Jackie Perez

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Jackie Perez is a nuclear engineer turned screenwriter with a forte writing for writing genre and STEM-centric stories. After graduating MIT she joined the Navy, serving her country and collecting experiences across the globe that inform her unique POV. She has consulted on SEAL TEAM (CBS) and written for QCODE's BAD VIBES and iHeart Media's VETERANS YOU SHOULD KNOW hosted by Rob Riggle. Her short film BEACHWORLD, based on a story by Stephen King, is currently out on DUST.

When she’s not at her day job as a production coordinator at creative agency Glass and Marker or exploring the world, Jackie is writing a new biography on astronaut Sally Ride for Bloomsbury publishing. After living in the Middle East and traveling to thirty two countries and counting, she is always on the lookout for a new adventure.

​Until the next stop, Jackie currently lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband Jon and senior rescue pup Maxie.


Female, Latinx

Jackie Perez


(Dramedy - EUROVISION meets BRING IT ON)

A Hawaiian teenage girl runs away from her overbearing mother to dance her heart out in Waikiki and become the next fitness face of the 1987 Sparkle Lite National Aerobics Championship.


(Biopic - FIRST MAN meets MY DOG SKIP)

In 1957, stuck between two superpowers racing for the stars, a Soviet scientist is ordered to prepare his most beloved dog for a one way mission, unsure if the price to be first is worth it.


(Horror - think SUSPIRIA or ROSEMARY'S BABY)

When a woman moves into a new neighborhood aching for another chance at motherhood, she finds a community of powerful women who befriend her for their own evil needs. Inspired by the Texas/Mexican urban legend of La Lechuza.

Female-centric, BIPOC-centric, Science, Sci-Fi, Horror, Historical/Alternative History, Coming-of-Age, Dark

Female, Latinx


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