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Beverly Neufeld

Beverly Neufeld received her MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA where she won first place in the Samuel Goldwyn competition for her feature, BROWN WIDOW. She also won Slamdance’s TV pilot competition judged by Norman Lear’s Act III Productions for her original one-hour pilot, THE CLAYTONS. This script landed her both a manager and an agent. Other TV pilots and specs have won or placed in the Nicholls, the Warner Brother’s competition and more. Beverly has written for the children’s web show, THE GUMMY BEAR SHOW, the series THE DATING CHRONICLES, and has been hired to rewrite over six features, including the independent film WAJDJA by the first Saudi Arabian female filmmaker, Haifaa al Mansour.

She has also just co-written a film that wrapped production, ACTIONS, ACTION! Beverly has also worked in development and as a reader and screenplay consultant for over 6,000+ scripts. She was the Director of Development for Juntobox Films under Nina Yang and Forest Whittaker, and now teaches Script Analysis and Screenwriting at USC Film School.

Beverly is also the author of the book: I Got You Covered: The Premier and Fun Guide to Script Coverage, Notes, and Story Analysis So Everybody Wins.

Honors & Awards

Winner, Slamdance Teleplay Awards - THE CLAYTONS - 2009


Female, LGBTQ+, Over 40

Beverly Neufeld


(Hourlong Drama - THE AMERICANS meets BIG LOVE)

When an FBI agent rejoins the workforce after her teen’s suicide, she defies her superior’s orders and takes in the son of a fugitive Mormon cult leader, so he’ll lead her to his father.


(Hourlong TV Drama - A more LGBTQIA+ THIS IS US)

Based on true events: As an estranged bicoastal family splits even further, they must confront old and new secrets and lies, as well as generational LGBTQ issues and what the hell the + means.


(Half-hour animated sitcom - an animated cat SOPRANOS)

Mild-mannered pet to his human owners Al is a husband, soon-to be father, and head of the Kitty Meowfia – running a catnip ring, putting out fires and putting down rivals, both known and unknown.

Character-driven, Female-centric, Queer, Historical/Alternative History, Animation, Satire, Bittersweet, Silly

Female, LGBTQ+, Over 40


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