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Alexa Ray Corriea

Alexa Ray Corriea is a writer and narrative designer. Her credits span many AAA and indie video game projects, including a current in-development unannounced project on a globally beloved IP; AZTECH: FORGOTTEN GODS (2022); the single-player and multiplayer stories for CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD and CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE PACIFIC (2021); BUGSNAX (2020); and The Lord of the Rings-based MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF WAR (2017). She is working to move into television and film, aiming to bring her experience and knowledge of the gaming space to the same screen in a different medium. Alexa has experience being a solo writer on projects as well as working in large writers rooms, working with actors on voice direction and working on-set with performance capture actors. She grew up in the haunted woods of Connecticut and has collected a treasure trove of interesting stories – like avoiding bears in the snowy mountains of Nagano, or a medical oopsie that caused her to nearly die from a Chernobyl gallbladder – she hopes to share with the world.


Female, LGBTQ+

Alexa Ray Corriea



An ingenue gets her first job in a video game studio, and after learning what it takes to make it in her industry, she becomes the villain of her own story.



The devil makes a bet with the psychotic heavenly court that he can’t cause the downfall of the two most idealistic people on earth. Then he has so much fun he sabotages himself.

Character-driven, Queer, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, Dark

Female, LGBTQ+


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