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Alexa Ray Corriea

Alexa Ray Corriea grew up in small town haunted New England, and it was this upbringing on ghost stories and low-stakes yuppie drama that inspired her to seek the world. Alexa has largely written for video games, including indie darlings BUGSNAX and AZTECH: FORGOTTEN GODS, as well as 2021's CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD and the live WARZONE PACIFIC companion game. Alexa currently writes for games and television, the latter spanning dramedy and fantasy/sci-fi genres with some musicals sprinkled in for good measure.


Female, LGBTQ+

Alexa Ray Corriea


(Dark comedy series - RIVERDALE meets ALADDIN)

When a devil makes a deal with God, a young lawyer and doctor get caught in the supernatural crossfire. It’s not how far Mephisto goes that’s the problem, it’s how deep into chaos twins George and Johanna Faust’s purehearted descend. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!


(Musical comedy series - CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND meets MYTHIC QUEST)

A young woman gets a job as an associate narrative designer at Big Game Studio, where she learns a blissful life making video games isn’t so blissful. Alongside jaded industry veterans and other hopefuls, our ingenue explores what it takes to make a video game – in song.

Character-driven, Queer, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, Dark

Female, LGBTQ+


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